Why Does History Matter anyway?

Do you ever wonder why anyone should bother learning about history? Why should we dwell in the past? What does it matter what happened tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years ago? We have moved on from those dark ages of ignorance, we have modernized, we have adapted and improved upon the past, what could we possibly need from history? What could it possibly offer us that we don’t already possess a better version of? 


History is inescapable. It is an ever-present thing. Yesterday is already history. An hour ago is already history. A second ago is already history. We can decide to ignore history, but it will never go away. Anytime you watch the news on television, you are watching history. Those events have already happened, that is why you are learning about them. 

We learn history as a means of remembrance. As a way of learning about and remembering those who have gone before us. We turn to history for examples, for ideas, to learn what worked and what didn’t work for previous generations and why. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes Quote about History

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