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Before I share my review…

I figured it might be nice to first introduce the book before writing my review of it. The book in question is; Anne of Green Gables Original Manuscript written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and edited by Carolyn Strom Collins.
It is the classic beloved by many, enhanced with images of the original pages written by L. M. Montgomery, as well as annotations, sides notes and descriptions.
It is all formatting in a way that makes it easy to read, and it includes a helpful key at the beginning.
If you are a true Anne fan, then this is the book for you!

Now for the review part

Initially, I thought this book would be really hard to read, what with notes, additives, and annotations everywhere. However, I was pleasantly surprised. As I mentioned above, the book is formatted in a clean and simple way, making it easier to read. The main text is all in the middle, with the notes and what not all put neatly in the right or left margins dependent on which page it is, naturally.
It is also very fascinating to see pictures of the Anne of Green Gables original manuscript written by L. M. Montgomery herself!

Beyond this, you feel more connected with the characters and the story itself.

Reading this book is like watching bonus features on a movie. You get to see the outtakes and cuts, that don’t make it into the final product. For example, Diana Barry’s name was originally Laura! I know, it’s hard imagine, I bet even Anne would have trouble imagining that!

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What makes this book so wonderful, is that you get to see the real, raw, thing. You can see all of the blood, sweat and tears that the author put into it.  The corrections she made, when she crossed things out because she misspelled words, the added words, and whole added paragraphs. Those things are what makes it truly enthralling.

This book is all Anne fans out there

If you are a fan of Anne Shirley and the world she lives in, then I would suggest you read this book. Anne of Green Gables Original Manuscript is so interesting and engaging that you can hardly bear putting it down. You can either purchase a copy, or find it at your local library. Either way, I strongly suggest you read it!

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