Are you ready to believe that history isn't boring?

Are you willing to discover that it is actually interesting and even entertaining?


Hello! I am Maria von Hatten, a freelance historian specializing in the late modern time period, historical fiction author and general history enthusiast. Now read this next part very carefully, because I am going to let you in on a little secret.

History is boring! Yes, you read that correctly. History is boring.

Read any history textbook and you will discover that that is the plain and simple truth. Place name, person name, arbitrary date, this battle, that battle, and everybody died. The end. That doesn’t seem very interesting to me, and I’m sure that it doesn’t to you either.

Yes, it’s true. That kind of history is boring. Very boring, in fact, and that is why history has such a bad reputation. Would you find it boring though if I told you that Victorian women used to tie raw meat to their faces at night to get softer, nicer looking skin? Or that Al Capone, the famous gangster criminal of the 1920’s was responsible for expiration dates on milk bottles?

I believe that history, if presented in an engaging way, is anything but boring!

I believe that history if it isn’t learned is doomed to repeat itself. I am also deeply saddened to think that people don’t enjoy history. That they believe all history is boring. I aim to make history enjoyable, entertaining, and enlightening. After all, who wouldn’t find it funny that Napoleon Bonaparte was once attacked by a mob of fluffy bunnies who sent him fleeing in terror?

So, what if history wasn’t meant to be boring. What if it actually is interesting and even entertaining? I want to open the world of fascinating history to you. 

True Historical Friction Work with Me

I invite you to sit back, take a quick break from our fast-paced modern world, and discover history that will inspire you to want to learn more. True Historical Friction will explore the odd, mysterious, and plain hysterical aspects of history. Are you willing to forget the type of history that you were taught in school and embrace history that is actually interesting? Join me and discover history that isn’t boring.

The History of True Historical Friction

I have always been interested in the parts of history that are a bit odd and lesser-known. I was first introduced to the world of ‘interesting’ history when I watched  a show about group of historians who essentially time-travelled back to the Edwardian Era and lived as Edwardian farmers for a full calendar year. They didn’t focus so much on who was King at the time, who was in government, and what political things were going on. 

Instead, they immersed themselves into the time period and tried practical things. They demonstrated how primitive vacuum cleaners of the era worked, made apple cider, worked in a copper mine, made ice cream, and even went on an authentic Edwardian Seaside Holiday (think chitty-chitty-bang-bang)

That one show opened a world of interesting and entertaining history to me. I dedicated most of my grade nine year of school to soaking up this new kind of history. I learned so much because it was actually interesting and engaging.

The next year, I got the opportunity of time-travelling back into history myself by working at the largest historical village in Western Canada. I got to don a period costume and learn appropriate deportment. I learned how to light a wood stove, and put my knitting, butter making, and cursive skills to good use.

True Historical Friction

What better way to make history approachable, enjoyable, and entertaining, then a mixed-media representation. Let me introduce the True Historical Friction YouTube Channel. A place to discover that history is not boring after all!

Feel free to browse the videos on the True Historical Friction YouTube Channel. If you have video content suggestions, please let me know about them by filling out the form below! I would love to create content that you would love to see!