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8 Free Resources for Learning About Beatrix Potter

One of the great authors of the Edwardian Time Period was Beatrix Potter. Her charming children’s books are known all around the world. The pretty illustrations and lovely characters have captivated young readers for more than a hundred years.

Beatrix Potter and Family Members

If you are looking to learn more about this author and find great and FREE resources about her and her books to use with your kids, then continue reading this post. I have complied a list of free learning resources about Beatrix Potter and her timeless books.

Beatrix Potter Author Study from First Grade Hip Hip Hooray

This free Author Study from First Grade Hip Hip Hooray on Teachers Pay Teachers is a collection of worksheets that can be used to introduce children to Beatrix Potter and her most famous book: The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Note: this resource is free, but it does require an equally free Teachers Pay Teachers account.

Beatrix Potter Multi-Book Unit Study

This next free resource is from The Beatrix Potter Multi-Book Unit Study written by Helena Gosline is an in-depth 92-page unit study of Beatrix Potter and her books.

This resource includes a printable notebook and plenty of worksheets. It covers geography, history, and more with links to plenty of more free resources. This one is definitely worth taking a look at.

Beatrix Potter Photo Album

Beatrix Potter by Charles King

From The Beatrix Potter Society is a collection of photographs of Beatrix Potter and her family. On the Beatrix Potter Society website, they explain that Rupert Potter, Beatrix’s father, was an amateur photographer, so all of the photos in the album were taken by him. You can find the photograph album here: The Beatrix Potter Society ~ Photograph Album

Learn More About Beatrix Potter

Learn more about Beatrix Potter and explore the website. They have plenty of information about the author and her books on that website, as well as activity ideas, printables, fun pictures, and more. Check it out and see what you can find!

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Peter Rabbit Colouring Pages

You can download and print some classic Peter Rabbit colouring pages. You can find them here: Peter Rabbit Colouring Pages from

Free Tale of Peter Rabbit Unit Study & Lapbook Printables

You can download and print these FREE Tale of Peter Rabbit unit study and lapbook printable pages from These can be a fun activity to do with your kids anytime of the year.

Jemima Puddle Duck Card Game Rules

Learn to play the Jemima Puddle Duck Card Game. All you need is a deck of regular playing cards and the instructions on this website. The rules are simple and the game is easy enough for most children to play.

Beatrix Potter Free Printables from

You can get a collection of free Beatrix Potter themed printables from for the cost of an email subscription. The Beatrix Potter FREE Printables bundle include a nine-week unit study and tons of worksheets. You can find that here.

That’s all the free Beatrix Potter learning resources I have to share with you for now. If you have a free Beatrix Potter learning resource to share, or if you have some that you use that I haven’t included in this list, please let me know. I would be happy to add them.

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